Spanish songs your kids will love  


There are some children’s songs that never get old. Generation after generation, kids seem to love them and those who are not that young anymore still enjoy reliving great memories of childhood. Every language has its own popular nursery rhymes to entertain kids, get them to fall asleep or even learn new vocabulary… so which ones are the most famous Spanish songs your kids will love? Keep on reading and find out!


Cucú cantaba la rana

 With simple lyrics and a nice melody, this song will help the little ones in your house exercise their memory and acquire new Spanish vocabulary and rhymes in a natural way. Listen to it here:



Soy una taza

 Very popular due to its choreography, this song is full of energy and will help your children learn kitchen vocabulary in Spanish! Get them to dance and sing words such as “taza”, “tetera”, “cuchara” and “cucharón” while learning without even noticing it! You can play it for them here:


El barco chiquitito

 One of the most famous Spanish songs that will help your kids learn numbers and diminutives. It is joyful song in which they will listen both to adults and kids voices and learn the meaning of perseverance. Listen to it here:


El cocodrilo en la cueva

The word “crocodile” or “cocodrilo”, in Spanish, is a challenging word in both languages… and that is exactly why this song is so much fun for them to learn! It works a bit as a tongue twister when it comes to pronunciation and the lyrics tell a story that they will engage them until the end. Find it on the following link:


Canción para vestirse

 Would you like your kids to enjoy the process of getting dressed and learn some vocabulary while doing it? Then play this song to them every morning and in no time they will be singing it while putting their shoes on! You can find the song and a beautiful video here:


Children are like sponges when it comes to learning languages, so don’t wait any longer and start exposing them to songs, stories and any kind of material that will help them develop new skills. If you have any questions or would like for them to have fun classes with other children, visit our website or follow us on Facebook and send us a message!

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