LAE Kids encourages children’s learning through play. Our Spanish classes are focused on real-life Spanish and through fun and interactive games, class activities, and constant praise, we encourage the participation of children while also building their confidence when speaking.

We carry out activities in and out of the school so our students get to live the Spanish culture. From cooking to visiting some of the main sights of Madrid, we aim to give our students a complete experience.

The objective of our classes is for children to learn through doing. In LAE Kids we encourage them to play, move, practice and get hands on so they can relate the language with things and actions, just like they do in their native language. Your children will learn without even realising!

LAE Kids Spanish school for kids and families in MadridWe create a safe, pleasant environment for your kids to learn. At LAE Kids we ensure that our classrooms and learning spaces are tidy and organized, while making them the ideal place to play and explore.

Learn and playWe only speak Spanish in our classes, and constant stimulation and conversation in the Spanish language means that our students feel comfortable to loosen up and begin to talk. At LAE Kids we don’t stop your kids from speaking to correct their mistakes, we make correction as natural as possible to make sure they are confident and improve on their mistakes without cutting their fluidity.

LAE Kids Spanish school for kids and familiesWe tailor your child’s activities to suit their likes and interests. We adapt their classes to make sure that they are appealing, motivational and attractive to ensure they are kept interested. If something isn’t maintaining their interest, we simply change things up so things never become boring when learning Spanish at LAE Kids.


Tours of Museums · Football Stadiums · Visit to zoo · Bike rides in Retiro Park

  • New vocabulary: Foods, shopping, cooking utensils, colors, numbers, quantities.
  • Spanish in use/Spanish to communicate: How to ask questions, how to ask for things, how to buy food, how to request help.
  • Cultural benefits: Understand the foods in different countries, differences between home country and Spain/Madrid.
  • Child development: Play and interaction, physical exercise, communication, following rules, addition and subtraction, follow written instructions and written use of all five senses.


Arts and Crafts · Cooking Classes · Hide and Seek · Play Shop

  • New vocabulary: Sports, history, transport, numbers, counting, animals, food.
  • Spanish in use/Spanish to communicate: How to ask questions, how to ask for things, how to buy entrance tickets, how to read directions.
  • Cultural benefits: See Madrid, look at monuments, compare Madrid to home city, understanding of differences in culture and language.
  • Child development: Play and interaction, physical exercise, bilateral coordination, balance, communication, following rules.

Don’t just take our word for it. The BBC offers a quick summary of the benefits of one of our favorite activities: cooking with kids – except we do it in Spanish too!

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