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Our Spanish classes are focused on real-life Spanish. Through fun and interactive games and constant praise our students learn a lot and build their confidence.

Kids Spanish Classes. spanish reading for kids

Learning Spanish has never been so easy and fun for young learners! The curriculum and methodology for our Kids Spanish classes have been developed using the latest pedagogical and child development techniques so our classes are not only perfectly designed to learn Spanish but also to work on key areas of development for your child’s age.

How do our Spanish classes for Young Learners work?

We use fun, engaging activities to introduce and develop Spanish vocabulary, sounds, and grammar in a natural way. Even though we work within a well-structured pedagogical framework, every child is different and has different needs and we ensure that we get the best out of every one of our students and that they feel confident and excited speaking Spanish.

Learning colours through painting, understanding numbers by playing shop, learning parts of the body by creating a circuit board and playing ‘Operation’, or understanding instructions through dance; no two classes at LAE Kids are the same! What’s more, every course is specifically tailored to every student: their level and personality!

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Our courses are designed specifically for you and your family. You can choose from one of our packages or create your own course!


per week

Mini Course

Two hours a day for one child.
Consult us for prices for multiple children.


per week

Max Course

Four hours a day for one child.
Consult us for prices for multiple children.


per hour

Create your own!

A €20 enrollment fee is required per student, which covers all course materials.

Native, Qualified Teachers

Native teachers, qualified in primary/secondary education, educational psychology and Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

One-to-one Attention

We assess every student’s profile to identify appropriate learning objectives, styles and interests, as well as any specific areas for improvement.

Safe Environment

Your child’s safety is our priority; every teacher has a police background check and we have first aid-qualified staff.

Structured Courses

Our classes may be fun, but they are all designed to adhere to a well-structured framework to ensure progress

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