Spanish Summer Camp 2023

Make Memories and learn Spanish this Summer!

Our Summer Spanish Camp in Madrid is available for kids from 4-12 years old

Give your kids a great summer with LAE Kids’ Urban Spanish camp in Madrid. Our camp is unique, personal and tailored to your child and their needs and interests.

Our Unique Summer Spanish Camp

Our boutique camp has a maximum of 8 kids per group. Our full immersion methodology means that your children will only be exposed to Spanish through activities and games that are specific to their ages, level and interests, within a well-structured pedagogical framework.

Spanish Summer Camp 2023 Prices and Dates


per week

26th June - 4th August from 9.00 - 13.00

Includes all materials, snacks and drinks, welcome packs and excursions.
We provide a healthy snack for the children between 11.00-11.30. We cater for all allergies and dietary requirements

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Our Summer Spanish Camp

Max. 8 per group

We follow the local government’s guidance on Coronavirus protocols. At all times, we ensure that the LAE Kids’ learning centre is as safe as possible.

The children’s school is on the same floor as our adult school but is in a separate area  It is very near a park so we can go there under the shaded trees for our mid morning break and for the children to burn off some energy.   We have air-con in each classroom to keep everyone cool through the warmer months.  They get a water bottle in their welcome pack and we have filtered water and we ensure the children drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Each day has a theme (animals, technology, sports, dance, food & cooking etc) and the teachers plan the vocabulary and grammatical content based on the themes and according to the age and level group.  They work on projects both individually and in groups. The teachers put a focus on helping the students to bond with their classmates and gaining confidence to speak and participate in Spanish.  Only Spanish is spoken by the teachers but they have the ability to converse in other languages when needed. We also organise a trip to a museum, park or cultural centre each week.   The camp has a lovely feel and the children have such an amazing time whilst studying Spanish.

To get more of a sense of what we do, please check out our photo gallery here.

Even though our activities sound like lots of fun, they’re more than just games! Your children are sponges and they are constantly learning new skills. We don’t just work on new vocabulary and grammatical structures, but also on developmental skills too. Making an omelette teaches our students how to cook and follow instructions and helps them learn kitchen and food vocabulary. Painting a picture helps develop fine motor skills and also enables us to teach colours and other vocabulary. Even playing shop teaches them numeracy, vocabulary, and works on their social skills.

Shh, don’t let them know – they think they’re just having loads of fun!

Your child will be in a group of children from all over the world! The teachers put a focus on helping students to bond with their classmates and gain confidence to speak and participate in Spanish. Only Spanish is spoken by the teachers but they have the ability to converse in other languages when needed.

We organise excursions each week to museums, parks and famous sites in Madrid, with private transport to and from the school.

We also offer Spanish classes for adults at LAE Madrid, our accredited Spanish school, which is nearby. Click here to see our Spanish Academy for adults in Madrid.

Native, Qualified Teachers

Native teachers, qualified in primary/secondary education, educational psychology and Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

One-to-one Attention

We assess every student’s profile to identify appropriate learning objectives, styles and interests, as well as any specific areas for improvement.

Safe Environment

Your child’s safety is our priority; every teacher has a police background check and we have first aid-qualified staff.

Structured Courses

Our classes may be fun, but they are all designed to adhere to a well-structured framework to ensure progress

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