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Welcome to LAE Kids!

Spanish classes for kids and families!

Bilingual Babies and Kids

LAE Kids teaches children from 0 years to listen, play and interact in Spanish. If you would like to raise your child bilingual, LAE Kids offers the perfect foundation for you to achieve this.

School Support

LAE Kids offers personalised Spanish classes for your child to learn Spanish in a dynamic and interactive way. We have worked with young people and teenagers from all over the world to offer additional support to complement their school curriculum.


LAE Kids offers packages for families to learn Spanish together. If you and your family have moved to Madrid for work, or if you are in Madrid on holiday, you can enrol in classes and activities to ensure that learning Spanish is easy and fun for the whole family!

Our Mission

LAE Kids is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes as part of LAE Madrid, a beautiful Spanish Academy in the heart of Madrid. Natasha Mason, mum and long-time Spanish learner, started LAE Kids to make learning Spanish fun and effective for kids. With a young child, she wanted to find out as much as she could to help raise her child bilingual and find some extra support before starting school. There seemed to be few options in Madrid to choose from and nothing that just focused on teaching children Spanish, with the quality and accreditations that she was looking for.
After starting her own Spanish Academy, LAE Madrid, she met lots of families that wanted the same. They valued the care and attention of dynamic and personalized classes, with people that specialize in and are passionate about the learning methods of children. She began to work with child learning and psychology specialists and primary school teachers to discover a unique methodology and environment to inspire children to feel motivated and excited about learning Spanish. Before long, LAE Kids was welcoming children and families from all over the world.



The objective of our classes is for children to learn through doing. We encourage them to play, move, practice and get hands on so they can relate the language with things and actions, just like they do in their native language. Your children will learn without even realising!
We create a safe, pleasant environment for your kids to learn. We ensure that our classrooms and learning spaces are tidy and organized, while making them the ideal place to play and explore.
We only speak Spanish in our classes, and constant stimulation and conversation in the Spanish language means that our students feel comfortable to loosen up and begin to talk. We don’t stop your kids from speaking to correct their mistakes, we make correction as natural as possible to make sure they are confident and improve on their mistakes without cutting their fluidity.
We tailor your child’s activities to suit their likes and interests. We adapt their classes to make sure that they are appealing, motivational and attractive to ensure they are kept interested. If something isn’t maintaining their interest, we simply change things up so things never become boring when learning Spanish at LAE Kids.

Our Team

All of our teachers at LAE Kids have specific qualifications for teaching children Spanish as a foreign language. Our team is made up teachers and experts with vast experience working with children and all are qualified in primary/elementary education, educational psychology and Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

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