Terms and Conditions


Unless refused by the parents upon arrival, LAE Kids reserves the right to use all photographs taken during the camp/classes.


  • In order to reserve classes with LAE Kids, a suitable deposit will be agreed with LAE Kids and the parents. When reserving a place at the summer camp, a minimum deposit of 190€ is necessary, or the full price if it’s within four weeks of the start date.
  • The rest of the cost should be paid in full at least four weeks before the start date. If full payment is not made, LAE Kids can cancel the reserved program and the student will not have the right to a refund of monies already paid.
  • For more information concerning payment methods, details on bank commissions and credit card transaction supplements, see point 8 or section “Payment Methods of LAE Madrid”.
  • Personal checks will not be accepted.
  • LAE Madrid will not be responsible for printing errors or third-party publication errors concerning LAE Madrid.


  • Cancellation(s) of the course(s) before the student(s)’ arrival will be accepted only if received in writing (via e-mail).  Written evidence of the cancellation is necessary and cancellations via telephone are not valid.
  • If the course is cancelled less than two (2) weeks prior to arrival, the whole deposit that has been paid will be retained by LAE Kids.
  • Cancelation(s) and change(s) of the schedule of the class after the beginning of the course will be accepted only if received in writing (via e-mail). Written evidence of the cancellation is necessary and cancellations via telephone will not be accepted.
  • If your child misses a day due to illness, LAE Kids is in no way obligated to make up the time missed.
  • In no instance will money that has been paid for a course or accommodation be refunded after the course has started.
  • All refunds will be made within 15 days after the request, by bank transfer to the account of the person that has made the payment (refunds to another account or person are not allowed under any circumstances).
  • If you received a discount for multiple siblings or due to specific promotions, if you cancel or the conditions of the discount are not met (i.e. not all siblings that were agreed to, take classes), the discount will not be applied on re-booking or for refunds.
  • For one-to-one classes, we require 24-hours notice when canceling classes from Tuesday to Friday and 48 hours notice when cancelling classes on Monday’s. Cancelled classes will only be postponed when cancellations are made in writing.


The course and any housing can be paid for by any of the following payment methods:

  1. Credit cards payments. The parents will provide LAE Madrid with the details of his/her card, the charge will be made and a receipt will be sent to the student.
  2. Bank Transfer to the following account:
  • Account Name:  Business and Language College Spain S.L.
  • Bank Name: Sabadell S.A.
  • Bank Address: C/ Nuñez de Balboa 20, 28001, Madrid, España
  • BIC (Banking Identification Code) / SWIFT: BSABESBB
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number):  ES75 0081 5077 7900 0142 2952

*The student should put first and last name and “LAE Madrid” in the transfer comments section and consider the possible bank commissions.  LAE Madrid should receive the complete deposit and is not responsible for the bank commissions.

3. In cash.  Coming in person to the school and paying in cash before the start of the course.


Any reservation or payment confirms the acceptance of these terms and conditions.


LAE Kids is not obligated to reimburse money paid or compensations for lost classes due to national or local holidays. LAE Kids does offer students the opportunity to make-up missed classes due to vacations and holidays. Please consult our webpage or ask for a current list of holidays, remember that these are subject to change.


  • LAE Kids does not assume any responsibility in cases of force majeure (according to the law) or for student actions.
  • In cases of emergency, LAE Kids will contact the emergency contact listed on the enrollment form.  The parents confirm that these details are correct and that they are current, and promise to notify LAE Kids of any possible change to these details.
  • LAE Madrid reserves the right to cancel classes if there are not enough students in each class.


Public Holidays 2024

  • 1 January (Monday)
  • 6 January (Saturday)
  • 28 March (Thursday)
  • 29 March (Friday)
  • 1 May (Wednesday)
  • 2 May (Thursday)
  • 25 July (Thursday)
  • 15 August (Thursday)
  • 12 October (Saturday)
  • 1 November (Friday)
  • 9 November (Saturday)
  • 6 December (Friday)
  • 25 December (Wednesday)

LAE Kids reminds you that the public holidays are subject to change by LAE Kids Madrid and as a consequence of the new Spanish and/or Madrid government regulations. LAE Madrid is not responsible for the changes to the public holidays shown above and reminds everyone that those listed should be considered as a guide.

LAE Kids is part of La Aventura Española – LAE Madrid (Business and Language College Spain, S.L.)                                                              

Natasha Mason Kennedy

Calle Montesa 35, esc. izquierda, 2 izquierda. 28006, Madrid, Spain                                                  

(+34) 912 196 991 – info@laekids.com


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