Where to go horse riding in Madrid

Are you a huge fan of horses? Would you like to learn how to ride them or improve your skills? If your answer is yes, then keep on reading and learn about some great places to visit during the weekends to go horse riding in Madrid:

Centro Ecuestre el Madroño

Here they offer three types of routes: horse routes, pony routes and lunadas (lunadas are night trails and children are more than welcome to come!). The first two last an hour and it is not necessary to have previous experience. They’ve got horses and ponies available both for adults and children, no matter what their level is. They do trails almost every day of the year and the price is 20 euros per person, though if you confirm your assistance in advance you’ll get 10% discount. They last 2 hours and the price is 40 euros. Website: Centro Ecuestre el Madroño.

Dehesa del Guerrero

Would you like to go horseback riding in the Sierra de Madrid? Then this is the perfect place! Dehesa de Guerrero is located in Becerril de la Sierra and they offer routes from the 18th of May until the 17th of July. The route you take will depend on your skills and the level of difficulty you are looking for and you will always be with an experienced monitor guiding you, so you can enjoy the amazing nature that makes of this activity so unique. The price for a ride for one 1hr 15 min is 22 euros, and for 2hrs 36 Euros per person. Website: Dehesa del Guerrero.

Cuadra Bellavista

In a little village near Aranjuez, El Real Cortijo de San Isidro, you’ll be able to do a 7km route in an hour and a half, approximately. It is not necessary to have previous experience. Not only you will get to enjoy the route, but you will also be able to enjoy walking around this little village created by Carlos III in 1770. The price is not explicitly stated on the website but it seems that it starts at just 10 euros a ride. Website: Cuadra Bellavista

We know you want to go horseback riding, but there’s a place that we couldn’t help mentioning: Burrolandia.


This place located in Tres Cantos offers free entrance and opens its doors every Sunday from 10:00 until 14:30. Here you will be able to learn about donkeys, their natural habitat, and behaviour, go on a cart drawn by donkeys (only for children), feed them, take photos, etc. Website: Burrolandia

Do you know any other great places to go horseback riding? Share them with us! Follow us on Facebook and let us know where we should go.

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