Family day trip to Segovia

Madrid has many stunning family day trip visits just a short drive away. Segovia is a beautiful ancient city about an hour from Madrid and here we give you some of the best family activities to do during your family’s day trip to Segovia:

Roman aqueduct bridge

Built at the end of the first century, the aqueduct brought water from the mountains to the city. This Roman construction is one of the best preserved in the world and if you feel like doing some exercise you can go up the stairs and check the views from there.


Did you know that one of the most famous Disney’s Castle was inspired by the Alcazar de Segovia? That’s right! The place that inspired Snow White’s castle is a magical place for children to visit. Make sure that while you are there you visit the Throne Room, the Hall of the Monarchs and the Torre de Juan.

Museum of Segovia

By visiting the Museum of Segovia your children will learn all about the history of this city, from Bronze age swords and pottery to Roman metal tools, Visigoth brooches, necklaces, medieval cups, models of machines for minting money, traditional life and clothing in Segovia. A must in your day trip!

Cathedral of Segovia

The Cathedral of Segovia is well known for its beauty and historical importance. Building began in 1525 and work continued over the centuries. Until the 30th of June, there’s an exhibition called “Descubre a la Gran Dama” that goes through the story of the church and allows you to learn more through images and a virtual tour. This is the perfect opportunity for families to discover the secrets behind those walls in a fun and dynamic way!

Tourist bus

Why walk when you can hop on a bus that will allow you to see all the touristic places in the city? Right in front of the aqueduct, at Plaza de la Artillería, you can start your journey and go around the old city. If you don’t get off, the loop takes around an hour, but we’d definitely recommend you to take your time to walk around the different places and continue the route once you are sure you haven’t missed out on any of the amazing attractions Segovia has to offer.

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