Children’s playgrounds in Madrid


We all look forward to summer holidays, but for parents it can be a bit stressful to constantly come up with plans to keep their children entertained during these days. In this post, we will tell you about five great playgrounds in Madrid that are fun and free. Keep on reading!

Plaza Santa Ana Playground

This little playground is awesome if you are trying to find a place where you can have a drink while your children have fun! It is not big, but it is good enough for kids to interact with other kids and enjoy the slide for an hour or so.

Zona de recreo – Parque del Retiro

playgrounds in Madrid

This park has 11 play areas for your children to enjoy. Not only they will get to play in the swings and slides, but they can also go roller-skating, enjoy magic shows and even go on the boats in the lake.

Madrid Río

This place has 16 play areas and more than 65 extra features for your children to enjoy! Here you will find entertainment for all your children, no matter their age, and it is all made with sustainable materials. Some of the most popular attractions are: “La colina de los toboganes”, “la jungla de los troncos” and “la supertirolina”

Casa de Campo

This is another great spot in Madrid for your children to run around and enjoy the different equipment available to them. There’s even a castle with slides and bridges! Here you can also find the Zoo and an amusement park, though these are not for free.

Parque Juan Carlos I

Here you can find playgrounds for children in two main areas: in the area called Pinar de Verano and another one in the centre of the park. Here you can find pirate ships, a little tourist train and even tall fountains where you and your children can cool off.

Do you know any other places where children can run around and make the most of the summer? Let us know where they are and what makes them special! Follow us on Facebook and leave a comment.

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