Indoor activities for kids in Madrid

Winter is here and making plans with your children might not be as simple as when the sun was shining and you could just go to the nearest park. In this post we have reviewed some great places for your children to visit during this cold season and have a fantastic time during the weekends. Keep on Reading to find out about 4 super-cool indoor activities that Madrid has to offer.

Face 2 Face Theatre Company

This is a theatre company comprised of a professional team of actors and teachers from the United States and the United Kingdom. During the past year, they have developed a great variety of projects to support the language learning process and connect students to the Anglo-Saxon culture. They prepare theatre plays addressed to children, storytelling workshops for all levels, interactive reading sessions, etc.

The group has become quite famous in teaching circles because of their professionalism, sense of humor and quality of their acts. The key to their success has been the interaction between actors and the audience, ensuring that from the very first moment everyone gets to participate and that way the children never get bored!


A cooking workshop formed by two food lovers who want to teach their cooking secrets and transmit the passion for good cuisine to all of those willing to learn. They offer workshops for children once a month and ones for grown-ups every day of the week. The kids’ workshop’s objective is to teach children from the very beginning to eat everything and to pick and cook healthy and balanced meals. If you want to find out more, visit their website.


This workshop welcomes kids to choose from over 100 different pottery pieces and paint them while having a nice hot chocolate. It is a great space to meet other children and for parents to relax and have some quiet time knowing that their children are entertained and safe. Kids under 8 can only go during the mornings and for groups of more than five you might want to book in advance! Please note: you will not be able to take home your ceramics on the day, so make sure you leave time in your schedule to go and pick up your works of art! Get more info here.

Do you know any other indoor places for children in Madrid? Share them with us! Follow us on Facebook and help us come up with a complete list of places for children to hang out!


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