I need to hire a tutor for my child

“I need to hire a tutor for my child, but I need the right person!” Of course you do! You want your child to improve in a specific subject, but you want him to have fun at the same time, feel confident and for him to look forward to his lessons, not hate them. So… How do you find the right teacher? What do you have to consider? In this post we will go through some important aspects when it comes to reinforcing your child’s education beyond school hours and succeeding in the mission. Keep on reading!

Make sure you know what you are looking for!


In order to find the right teacher, you need to know what you are looking for. Does your child need to improve his writing skills? Do you want him just to play in a second language? Does he need help with his homework? Before contacting a tutor, make sure you know what your objectives are for your child’s education.


What should you ask a tutor?


If your child is learning a language, you might have a list of native speakers with experience in teaching, but have they taught children the same age as your child? Do they have experience teaching grammar (if that’s something you are looking for)? Does the candidate have a personality that is going to match your child’s character?


Don’t feel bad about asking lots of questions. The more informed you get the better the chances you have of finding someone that will make your child look forward to his next lesson.


Here are some questions that might be worth asking: I need a tutor for my child


How long have you been teaching for?


What are your qualifications, certifications or credentials?


What’s your expertise in the content area my child is studying?


What kind of results can I expect to see?


What can I do to support the tutoring process?


How do you measure progress?


How much should you pay?


Fees can vary depending on where you live and the teacher’s experience, among other things. For you to get an idea, a qualified teacher should be paid at least the same hourly rate they would earn in a school. In Spain, a Spanish private teacher will charge around 15€ per hour, and an English tutor will charge around 20€ per hour.


Bear in mind that you are not only paying for the time they spend teaching your child, but for the lesson planning time, material preparation, photocopying or printing they’ve done and transportation, among other things.


How to persuade your child to be tutored?


Encouraging your child to be motivated can be a big challenge, especially if they’ve been at school all day long. Don’t make the decision on your own yourself. Talk to your child and bring it up as a challenge, listen to what they have to say, their concerns and questions, and make sure they want to do it before introducing him to this “stranger” that will be spending time with them. Private lessons can work wonders if your child looks forward to them, but it’s all about how you approach the matter: you can make it seem like the coolest thing on earth, or you can make it seem like punishment. If you want results and to raise a confident child, make sure you choose the first option!


How to find a tutor?I need a tutor for my child


There are several ways of finding a tutor, though the most traditional ones are through academies, private ads or mouth to mouth. No matter which one you go for, make sure you cover all the aspects previously mentioned. Look for a qualified teacher (knowing how to do something doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to teach it) and try to get recommendations. You want to find someone committed and reliable and not have several different tutors coming in and out from your house and your child’s life. Last but not least, get your child to meet the tutor before hiring him or her long term; it’s essential that your child feels comfortable and likes the person they will be spending time with!


If you have any other questions regarding finding a Spanish tutor for your child, feel free to ask us! Here at LAE Kids we work with Spanish teachers that have vast experience and expertise in teaching children and we will be glad to answer whatever doubts you might have. If you have any other tips for parents, please share them with us in the comments section or email info@laekids.com. For more posts on helping your children learn, check out our blog.
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