Best bilingual books for children, part 2

A while ago we shared with all of you a blog post about bilingual books for children. Since it was a huge success and many parents enjoyed reading them with their children, we went through some more English-Spanish books that might be useful for those families who are raising their kids bilingually. Remember that reading does not only develop many skills, but it can also be a family activity that will help you bond with your child and be involved of their learning process. Take a look at the 5 books that we have selected for you!


1. Los Mejores Colores/Best Colors


This book is about a boy who believes that he can’t have more than one favorite colour or best friend, so he struggles trying to decide and pick a favorite one. This little boy also has two moms, which is a good topic if you want to talk about stereotypes and societal preferences The book has a note to parents, teachers and caregivers on how to approach these kind of topics.


2. Mouse Paint / Pintura de ratón


This book is about three white mice that are trying to escape a cat and along the way learn about mixing different colored paints. The book has some incredible illustrations that will make it really easy for children to learn about primary and secondary colours.


3. Un gato y un perro / A cat and a dog


For really young children, this book is a great start to introduce some basic new vocabulary. The story is about a cat and a dog that live in the same house and don’t get along, but end up being great friends.


4. Los gatos black on Halloween


This book won the Best Children’s Book of the Year in 2007 and two other awards for Illustration and Narrative. This bilingual Halloween poem introduces young readers to several spooky new Spanish words. A must read!


5. Say hola to Spanish


Say Hola to Spanish makes reading and speaking Spanish fun for children. The book introduces more than 70 Spanish words through beautiful illustrations. It is a great book for beginners!


Have you read any other bilingual books for children that are worth sharing with our community? Leave a comment on our Facebook page and help other parents introduce a second language to their kids!
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