What to do in Madrid with children this Christmas vacation

Christmas is almost here and during this season not only do we get a visit from Santa Claus, beautiful lights around the cities and amazing roscón de Reyes, but we also get holidays and time off to enjoy with our families and especially with our children. In order to make the most of this magical period of the year, we have come up with some of the best Christmas plans in Madrid. Keep on reading and have a memorable time with the people you love.

1- The Ice Circus

Both for adults and children, this unique show can only bring joy to you and your family during the holidays. You will get to see more than 30 artists from different countries tell a tale filled with magic while ice skating. The Ice Circus tells the story of an artist that lives in a lost garden and creates amazing sculptures, but that one day casts a spell that turns everything around him into ice, including himself.


Not only families will get to watch the show and find out how the spell is broken, but the audience will also have the chance to skate themselves and even pretend for a while that they are part of this magical story.
When? Until January 15

2- ¿Cómo te lo cuento?

For children from 3 to 10 years old, this is a show where two elves tell 3 classical Grimm tales while they spur the audience’s imagination by using puppets and colorful costumes, among other things. The three stories the elves share with the kids are Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood and the Sleeping Beauty.


When? Tickets available until the 8th of January
Website: Teatros Luchana

3- Cortylandia

The musical shows at the popular shopping center of El Corte Inglés is a yearly tradition for families filled with fun animated figures that sing along to celebrate the holidays. New this year will be audiovisual effects sure to wow children of all ages. Make sure to bundle up since it’s the performace is outside and watch the free show ‘Sew and Sing’ protaganized by some amusing mice. Find the schedule details on their website.


When? Until January 5
Website: Cortylandia


Have you heard of any other great Christmas plans in Madrid? Share them with us!


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