Where to download Spanish worksheets for kids

Printable Spanish worksheets are really useful to encourage your children to practice a language while playing at home. In this post we will show you some websites that offer different material for you to do at home and get involved in your child’s learning process. Does your child like painting? Playing bingo? Singing? No matter what they’re into, there are hundreds to choose from and on hundreds of different topics.

1- Abc Teach

This website offers printable worksheets on several different topics to learn Spanish. From arts and crafts to maths and grammar, here you’ll be able to download as many exercises as you wish for free. Some of the documents lack images, but the good news is that since they are editable you can add a couple of nice photos to make them more dynamic and attractive. In this website, you will also be able to find interactive exercises to complement your kids learning.

Website: ABCD

2- Montessori en casa

This website’s objective is to promote learning at home. The owner, a woman from Madrid, has two children of her own and that’s how she started developing material based on the Montessori methodology to help them learn a second language. The website has a look and feels similar to Pinterest and each post covers a different topic. The worksheets are lovely and they all come with long, detailed instructions to guide you through the activities.

Website: Montessori en casa.


3- Teachers pay teachers

“Our dream is to make the expertise and wisdom of all the teachers in the world available to anyone, anywhere, at any time”.
This community, comprising millions of educators, offers printable worksheets for you to use with your children. In addition, you can see the rating each activity has and comments from previous users, which will help you choose the ones that suit your objectives.

Website: Teachers pay teachers.


4- Online Free Spanish

This site was created to offer free Spanish lessons for both children and parents, whether for educational purposes, or just for fun. They have activities for all ages and the activities are very dynamic, which makes learning fun and something you can get your whole family involved in! You can choose between Spanish or bilingual bingo activities, which will help your children learn lots of new vocabulary.

Website: Online Free Spanish.

Do you know any other useful websites for parents or teachers to obtain printable material for children? Please share them with us! Leave a comment on our Facebook page and let’s all together build a database of useful websites.

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