LAE Kids offers personalized Spanish courses for kids and families . We pride ourselves on being flexible and being able to create a unique experience for every single family that walks through our door. Here are a couple of examples of the types of courses we could create for you and your family:

Transitioning to Madrid

Moving to Madrid is exciting but it can sometimes be tricky to make relocate smoothly when you have to also worry about how your family will adjust to the change. This course can help you and your children transition into your new life and is ideal if they are school age and will be starting a Spanish or bilingual school in the near future.
Your child or children have classes with our specialist primary school teachers who have vast experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The classes are extremely interactive and designed to meet the curriculum of the school year that your child or children will be joining. Whenever possible, we consult the school in question to make sure we understand the demands of the curriculum that school will be using. As well as working on core content, we also work on building your child or children’s confidence to communicate so they can develop friendships and positive relationships from day one.
While your children are learning Spanish, you can also start improving yours in group classes or one-to-one sessions with one of our qualified Spanish teachers. We also offer informative sessions to help you with paperwork, advice about schooling and generally, just all the information you will need to get started in your new life.
The kids are normally in class for 2 hours (it may seem like a long time but it flies by for them as they are so busy with their activities!) before the whole family comes together with the parent/s to do more outdoor activities , cooking, craft, etc. to help establish the language as a ‘new family project’!
Older children (7+) are more than capable of having four hours of Spanish class with LAE Kids as the sessions are interactive and the pace is designed around their needs. For these longer sessions we also make sure they have healthy snacks and plenty of water to keep them going!
These courses are designed to give you and your family the best start in your new home.

Adventures in SpainSpanish Courses for kids

Many families who home school, or who like to travel during school vacations, are often looking for a linguistic and cultural experience. This course can be designed around your travel plans, time frame and goals.
As well as tailoring a program to meet the academic needs of your children (as above), we include outings and cultural visits so you can get to know the heart of Madrid. We can give you all the help and advice you need for weekend getaways and finding the perfect hotel or apartment. We will make this a truly unforgettable Spanish experience for your family!


It is very difficult to give a price for our courses as we build an individual program for each family. Send us an email to and tell us what you are looking for and we will get back to you ASAP.

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