DELE Preparation

Everything you need to know about: DELE Para Escolares (DELE for School Students).
The DELE exams are split into levels and also into age ranges. The DELE for school level children is called the DELE para Escolares. Find below list of frequently asked questions about Dele preparation.

What is the DELE in general?

The DELE Diplomas are official certificates, which prove the Spanish competence and command, given by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

Who is DELE para Escolares designed for?

This DELE para Escolares for students between 11 and 17 years old.

Why do school aged children take the DELE para Escolares?

Some schools or educational centers ask for students to be able to prove their level of Spanish to enter. It’s also taken by some centers as an extra certificate, as it is recognized worldwide and never expires.

What levels does the DELE para Escolares cover?

Students can take the A1 or the A2/B1 Dele exam. There are more than 1000 centres around the world where you can take the test.

What are the upcoming dates for the DELE para Escolares in 2018?

The tests are held in May and November, though there’s a written test that you have to take beforehand. To find out the specific dates, visit the following link:

How much does the DELE para Escolares cost?

The inscription price will depend on the level of the diploma you are signing up for and the country in which you take it. The A1 price for students is the same as the price for the adult A1 DELE exam, and the A2/B1 price for students is the same as the price for the adult A2/B1 DELE exam We recommend you double check the price for your DELE exam in the centre where you decide to take the test.

What does the exam measure?

The A1 diploma proves that the students have the capacity of:

  • Understanding and using basic daily expressions in any Spanish speaking country.
  • Asking and giving personal information about themselves and their daily routine.
  • Interacting in a basic way with other speakers that speak slowly and clearly.

 The A2 diploma proves that the students have the capacity of:

  • Understandingand using common daily expressions about themselves, their families, shopping, work, etc.
  • Maintain simple conversations about daily things.
  • Describing, in a simple way,aspects of their past and their environment.

What’s the difference between the DELE para Escolares and the general DELE?

The main differences between the DELE para Escolares and the general DELE are the contexts and situations that appear in the test, which are specifically adapted to that age range.

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