Top 10 Spanish TV shows and movies for kids

Films and series can be a powerful educational tool for children because they are entertaining and can also help teach empathy and values at the same time.  In this article, you will find a list with the top 10 Spanish TV shows and movies for kids that offer short, dynamic and varied episodes for them to learn while having fun. Watch them with your children and let us know which one is your favorite!

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Cleo & Cuquin

 Targeted towards children between 2 and 5 years old, Cleo & Cuquin” is an animated series about two siblings and their friends Tete, Pelusin, Colitas, and Maripi. They play and use their imagination all the time. They pretend to be astronauts, scientists, pilots… Cleo & Cuquin is about friendship and learning how to be a good friend.

Los Lunnis

This series is for children between 3 and 8 years. The plot is about some extraterrestrial beings that inhabit the world of Luna Lunera. They must solve all kinds of mysteries and conflicts. It’s not your typical series as the main characters are puppets, and real people also appear in some episodes. The series’ objective is to entertain and teach values that are important to for children to learn.

Tadeo Jones


Released in 2012 and distributed to more than 50 countries, Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones has become the most important Spanish animated film of all times, with great success in various countries in Europe and Latin America and today remains one of the great icons of animation.


Due to a misunderstanding, Tadeo, a dreamer mason, becomes a famous archaeologist and goes on an expedition to Peru. With the help of his faithful dog Jeff, an intrepid teacher, a mute parrot and a hustler, he will try to save Paititi, the mythical lost city of the Incas, from an evil treasure hunter company.

Copito de nieve, el gorila blanco

A mix of 3D animation and real action, this heart-warming movie tells the arrival of Copito de Nieve, an albino gorilla, to his new home: the zoo of Barcelona. His strange white fur makes him be in the limelight: the other gorillas marginalize him. Nevertheless, several friends will help Copito de Nieve: the children Paula and Leo, and a fun Buddhist panda who thinks he is a panther.

La Estación azul de los niños

A is very dynamic and complete series with colorful and energetic episodes that definitely catch children’s attention. They also have a radio program where they talk about cultural activities, museums and plans for the whole family.

Cocina con Clan

Cocina con Clan is the first gastronomic series entirely directed by and for children. It is not a cooking contest but cooking program with children wanting to learn and have fun. Two nutritious, healthy, balanced and visual recipes are prepared every day. In addition, the main characters of the series go out to the street, orchard, various markets and even farms to see the origin or the elaboration of the food.

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Papá, soy una Zombie

This is the story of a slightly rebellious teenager, Dixie, who wants to escape from the hateful world in which she lives where everything is boring and disappointing since her parents divorced. At school, other kids laugh at her for her introverted attitude and gothic appearance, and even her best friend dodges her. One day, her father takes her to a fair but things get complicated and Dixie becomes a Zombie!

Los protegidos

Meaning the Protected ones, this is a Spanish television series for teenagers, broadcast between 2010 and 2012. The series tells the story of a group of people with supernatural powers who pretend to be a family to try go unnoticed while being searched by a mysterious organization, the Elephant Clan. All of them will pretend to live as idyllic family while trying to keep the curious away from their extraordinary abilities.

Do you know any other movies or series in Spanish? We always appreciate new suggestions! Feel free to leave a comment in our Facebook page and encourage other parents to learn Spanish with their kids through movies and other fun activities.

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