Mini Guiri Club

Join our Mini Guiri Club! Your ‘peques’ will take part in activities with our teachers while increasing their fluidity and confidence in the Spanish language with children of their age.
The Mini Guiri Club is perfect for… children that are being raised bilingual with one or both parents being non-native in Spanish.
Kids club for weekend Spanish coursesOur native teachers are qualified in primary/elementary education, educational psychology, and Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, as well as having vast experience working with children.
Parents can sit and chat in our chill-out room (and enjoy free tea or coffee while they wait) or head off for some ‘me time’.
Price: €25 per session (two hours per session)
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Date Age Time Activity
25 November 2017
3-5 years 10-12 Your kids will learn the parts of the body, different animals, describing temperament and physical traits while preparing their costumes to show their friends!
6-10 years 12-2 Create your own Pokemon! Let’s review parts of the body, different animals, and how to describe temperament and physical traits… or SUPERPOWERS to create our own LAE Pokemon!

About LAE Kids

LAE Kids is a Spanish Academy for kids and families in the heart of Madrid. It is part of LAE Madrid, a Spanish Academy accredited by the prestigious Instituto Cervantes.

Our Methodology

The objective of our classes is for children to learn through doing. We encourage them to play, move, practice and touch so they can relate the language with objects and actions, just like they do in their native language. Your children will learn without even realizing!
We only speak Spanish in our classes, and constant stimulation and conversation in the Spanish language means that our students feel comfortable to loosen up and begin to talk. We don’t stop your kids from speaking to correct their mistakes, we make correction as natural as possible to make sure they are confident and improve on their mistakes without cutting their fluidity

For more information, check out our courses and prices for you and your family to learn Spanish in Madrid.