All about Spain for kids: Culture

All about Spain for kids Culture
¡Hola niños! Today we are going to learn all about Spain! Spain is a country in Europe, the capital of Spain is Madrid. It is located beside Portugal and below France and it is also the only European country that borders Africa. More than 46 million people live in Spain and speak Spanish – ¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? – this means Hello! How are you?
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Best bilingual books for children, part 2

Best bilingual books for children Part 2
A while ago we shared with all of you a blog post about bilingual books for children. Since it was a huge success and many parents enjoyed reading them with their children, we went through some more English-Spanish books that might be useful for those families who are raising their kids bilingually. Remember that reading does not only develop many skills, but it can also be a family activity that will help you bond with your child and be involved of their learning process. Take a look at the 5 books that we have selected for you!
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