Bilingual Babies And Kids

(0-12 y/o)

LAE Kids teaches children from 0 years to listen, play and interact in Spanish. Your child is a sponge for knowledge and is curious to learn and experience new things. If you would like to raise your child bilingual, LAE Kids offers the perfect foundation for you to achieve this.   Our teachers are specialists in early development and support your child’s physical, cognitive, and linguistic development in a fun and dynamic learning environment. Do you remember learning the grammar rules of your native language? Of course not! We teach Spanish as if it were your child’s first language, which means no textbooks and lots of games and educational but fun activities.   Your children will be able to gradually familiarise themselves with sentence structure, tenses and vocabulary by interacting, listening and seeing real-life situations.  

All of our courses for babies and kids are tailored to their needs:


LAE Kids: experts in teaching children:


Your child’s safety is our priority; every teacher has a police background check and we have designated staff that are first aid qualified.