Autumn activities to do with your kids in Madrid

Autumn activities to do with your kids in Madrid Tren felipe ii-min
Fall is one of the prettiest seasons in Madrid, but it is also one of the most unpredictable when it comes to the weather! How many times have you planned a fun activity for the weekend but once it arrives the rain puts your plans on the back burner? In order to avoid the disappointment of having to stay in with nothing to do, we’ve come up with a list of activities that are perfect to do with kids during fall in Madrid:

Take a train to the past

Would there be anything cooler than to be able to travel to the past? Well, we’ve got good news: you can! In Príncipe Pío there’s a train from the 40’s that travels to El Escorial (s.XVI), which has a beautiful Palace and monastery that Felipe the II had built in 1563. Throughout the journey, some of these historical figures interact with the passengers, learning and having a great time at the same time. As if that wasn’t enough, during the train journey you’ll be able to enjoy the landscape of Sierra de Guadarrama.

The Robot Museum

Autumn activities to do with your kids in Madrid Juguetronica-min Both for children and adults, this museum (which you will find inside the store Juguetrónica) offers a wide collection of robots so that you can see how the most modern and not so modern robots work. They also offer workshops and in the store both adults and children will feel in heaven with the number of interesting toys they have. Where? In Alberto Aguilera, 1, Metro San Bernardo.

Pinta en Copas

This unique place offers entertainment both for parents and for children. If you’ve always dreamt of bringing out your artistic side, then this is definitely the right place for you. Here you will find all the necessary material to paint pottery objects and become an artist! The staff guide you through the whole process, teaching you how to use the material and giving you advice so that your kids will be ecstatic with the results. Where? Calle Velarde, 3, Metro Tribunal.


Near Tres Cantos, you’ll find Burrolandia, a donkey shelter that is free to access. Not only will you find donkeys here, but also horses, ducks and goats. Children are allowed to feed the animals (though you can’t take in your own food, as a precaution), and they’ll get to spend a day in nature learning about these beautiful animals. For more information, visit

Planeta Invisible

Autumn activities to do with your kids in Madrid Planeta invisible-min Located between Manuel Becerra and Plaza de las Ventas, Planeta Invisible is a great place to chill and go for a coffee while the children play in a space specially designed for them. Here they’ll have access to toys, books and costumes, among other things, and they’ll get to interact with other children while parents relax. Where? Dr. Gómez Ulla, 26, Metro Manuel Becerra.  Can you thinkof any other things to do during Autumn? Tell us about them! Follow us on Facebook and leave your suggestion!

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